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@b9punk Atomic Design: Better, Faster, UXier @agileuxnyc @designatomic

February 25, 2012

New idea to get devs and design working together.

Talking about pain of visual designers in Agile world. Prototype to iteration.
Talks about difficulty of iterating the look and feel.

The Art of Maximizing Work Not Done — in daily work hard to figure out and get it to where user understands.

Talked about typical issues of teams sharing files. And naming convention issues.

What to do to fix these problems. We need continuous deployment of design. Actually rapid actually useful prototyping. Maybe we can do prototypes instead of mockups.

Designer developer collaboration.

Easy discovery, not ten people asking for same file. Shared vocabulary for file naming.



Design strategy cake:

Brand guideline
Component library
Pattern library

Patterns-set of styles
Component chunk of page design

Shows a search in four states. A re-usable component throughout site.

Define component vs pattern for your project.

Design components first then continue with pages.

@JonathanpBerger talk @agileuxnyc “get more Technical” New Year Resolution- tech literacy

February 25, 2012

Hardcore old school print designers know papers, know inks, know fonts. By same token, we creating UX must be literate in code.

Literacy!= Fluency — it is just being able to know enough of a language to have a decent conversation

Believes in a few years we won’t hire designers that can’t code. (Makes me think of LukeW who says in future we won’t have time for wireframes.)

Making is good for projects. Small details of color and font are important to the user. If you can just fix it yourself it is much faster.

Instead of telling someone else how to paint, you get to hold the brush.

Caveat is can step on toes. Use humility. Establish the spots okay to do.

TDD and Story writing using Cucumber.. Getting right syntax. Helped his UX/UI practice be because used ubiquitous language, as devs

Ask devs to have basic tools ( like in rails bundled, rake, etc)

So can do small changes, GIT allows you to save, like in a vid game.

Can contribute to production and they can role it back.

Learned Rspec and Capybara test programs
Know about breakages quickly from these

JQuery helps you write sonnets or paint inside the lines

Uses personas a lot, within cucumber

Testers will use Homer Simpson as the persona if you don’t supply!

“it is critically important to do things not just read about them” (or just attend classes and conferences haha).

@zakiwarfel talks about Design Studio @agileuxnyc raw notes

February 25, 2012

@jeffpatton mentioned again

Tips for Design Studio

-use butcher paper and Painter’s tape; use sharpies
-graph paper
-team members with teams, get scenarios and one of the personas
— do not use all designers, etc. Use people from each expertise, business, UX, tech particularly
– most important tool is stop watch — likes Top Chef’s Quick Fire challenge

Has a grid system to use with block at bottom – do 6 to 8
To warm up, have them sketch stuff quickly using pencil, like circle, square and show to workshop–also levels everyone

Everyone is equally uncomfortable regardless of place in hierarchy

Goal is just enough idea to pitch to team members, and don’t have time to details

Only get three minutes to pitch.

Elect a team member to pitch to another team.

Hyper Island did this in our Master Class

Feedback can tend to I like / I don’t like

A critique is did they accomplish goal?

2 minutes to provide 2 to 3 ways design accomplished goal and 1 to 2 ways. Whether you love or hated it. Doesn’t matter. Use red to mark oops and green to what works.

Stealing is highly encouraged.

If you rip it off, have to make it better.

Generate six weeks of work in six hours. So costs? Costs less!

@andersramsay #agileuxnyc raw notes on collaboration talk #agile

February 25, 2012

UX Rugby

Says he is an Agile UX Coach. Makes me think of @Tobiasmayer vpcurrent Twitter thread that is “against” coaching

“Feeding the Beast”. Devs delivering features faster than can design

“Half-baked UX” – product owners pressured into get anything that functions out door.

“Sprint Tunnel Vision”. – and delivering an incoherent product

Why? A lot of UX designers playing Waterfall game on an Agile playing field. designing a Sprint ahead – is waterfall.

Lacking tools to understand how Agile game is played.

@totheralistair mentioned Collaborative Game book….

Mentioned Nonaka and Takeuchi’s New, New Product Dev paper

Compares Waterfall to Relay Race. Game is not designed for support

Rugby is intensive, continuous, with collaboration at the core

– reach goal line again and again to win game

Moved to concrete examples

Showed a meeting, like those we typically attend with a one-way, broad cast, meeting presenter. (but that is us now! Unfair, I know).

Then showed a workshop.

In a workshop you can rapidly iterate a shared understanding

Ideation Clearinghouse (like Design Studio).

Talked about a case of a CMO who just sat in on a waterfall design review in which he shut down product after saying designers did not understand his requirements

Do warm-ups. Card storming.

Sketching in a time box – with no rules – not even that they must draw. Can write.

Critique. Pay attention closely to what you are seeing if facilitating. Look for exceptions. Can uncover vision differences quickly.

Learn, apply and recombine workshop patterns.

For stuff that takes sitting down, do pairing. Showed cool yin-yang pairing desk.

Showed snapshare method. Paper prototype/wireframe to build / HTML CSS

Mindset – copied HSBC ads on mindset showing rugby vs relay race

Learning to play passing game in a collaborative manner.

Q: how do we estimate in planning meeting
A: no magical answer – make sure element of sketching in place before estimating. Have a few sketches

Have business sponsor do the elevator pitch of what the problem is we are trying to solve

Five minutes best time box

Only strong survive. Only stuff that achieves goals – devs excited, bus people figure out how to talk to engineers

Prepping room. Put up Butcher paper sheets and each team gets packet with persona.