#sxsw Buddhist Teaching at @PalyulLing branch center in #austin by Khenpo Tenzin Norgay – live notes 

Who do we blame for our obstacles. Impermanence, interdependence, emptiness.

There is no supernatural power creating that obstacle. No one external to you that you have to please so they will give you luck. Take the path of Compromising with people you view as creating obstacles.

If you remove one or two causes the obstacle will become weaker.

Emotional part is totally in our hand – so take those out which will enable you to tackle obstacles. If you have a rigid mind, it just cracks. If your mind is flexible like bamboo, you can take that shock.

How to clear is you have to do your job not to make it an obstacle.

Relying on three jewels to help you as you clear your obstacles.

Can pray to Guru Rinpoche asking for help clearing outer, inner, and secret obstacles.

Remembering Buddhas has power to clear your karma, which is root of obstacles. Praying to Buddhas in eastern direction so reach destination without obstacle. So on awakening remember Buddha and think you’ll have a nice day. Like being in love with someone. What we do is so little and what we expect is so great.

Buddhas smile at us whether we smile back or not. Purpose of getting enlightened is for themselves and all sentient beings to be worry-free. Unconditional devotion, love, compassion. No matter what happens.

Ego makes us master of all the ghosts.

Evil ideas influenced by others. Outer obstacle which is easier to overcome compared to inner and secret.

Inner obstacle is our inner elements causing us to get sick.

Can be cleared through proper conduct. Eating habits and have healthy body. Spiritual healing within us also.

Medicine Buddha does only spiritual detoxification.

Secret obstacle is emotion. Ego clinging is root of our emotions. Who brought us in samsara is our ego. It is creator of our secret obstacle, master mind of all obstacles. Egos want everything for ourselves.if someone goes against you have resentment or aversion.

When ego gets what it wants THAT is a distraction. We don’t feel it is a distraction. But, like time passed on iPhone, you don’t realize until too late.

Likes and dislikes. Things that lead to jealousy. 

Deep down we believe “I” exists. There is a base that makes us believe there is an “I” because we have this body, on the gross level. We don’t combine with mind much. We think of others physical existence. Most of us think if body as “I”.

We think characteristics of “I” as there is a permanence, independent, autonomous. 

Every mistake we make is because of assumptions.

We assume “I” exists and not be able to let go. That is distorted view.

The assumption and wanting to evolve is based on ego clinging. We think permanent because we don’t think we are changing.

Over time our body changes. We are fat, thin, sick, healthy.

Over time our likes and dislikes change.

If we can find anything permanent we can say there is an “I” but there is not. Final conclusion is you do not exist at all.

If you just remain happy, thinking “I” doesn’t exist, cures all. Emptiness is one cure for all.

We are all in one sense living in assumption. 

How we can work with our issues is to be more practical. We can work with this by seeing our solutions in more practical way. Having your ego too and then find a solution.

Thinking of ego with or without philosophical training. Without, it is like dog at the table. Another system influenced by culture, philosophy, training etc.

If no self what becomes enlightened? A chain of consciousness moving from lifetime to lifetime, body to body. Like beads on a mala. 

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