Elizabeth Teisberg, Scott Wallace “Capability, Comfort and Calm: Transforming Health Care” #returntohealth #sxsw 

Scott Wallace: Treatment isn’t the goal it’s care. We are trying to get health. The purpose of health care is health.

It’s a path to getting to something you want. Only as much as I need and to be as little as possible. You are not on a plane to be on the plane. You just want to get on vacation. That’s healthcare. You want to get to a place of better health.

Healthcare is scary.

Elizabeth Teisberg: Too much focus on cost reduction.

SW: Most of negotiations are about price.

Value is created between clinicians and patients.

Hospitals don’t create value.

ET: Focus on outcomes changes conversation. Taking about outcomes DURING care. Capability, Comfort and Calm. Allows clinicians to focus on why they came to healthcare in first place: to help people heal.

SW: Patients have to manage scenarios like this:


Patients that can’t figure out are called “non-compliant.”

SW: Team approach to solving problems.

ET: 90% of patients in migraine example had a huge improvement.

Better outcomes reduce costs.

How do you know what matters to patients? you have to ask them.

SW: Experience groups with people with same medical circumstances. Learned a lot that runs COUNTER to the way “healthcare” thinks about it.

ET: Measure the right things. Example is breast reconstruction. Doctors thought LOOK right versus FEEL right. A woman said “why would I want to tattoo a nipple on an Idaho potato.” Question should be look, yes, but also how it feels. And no one knew that.

SW: What to measure? Mortality sure – but other comfort and capability issues are important.

ET: Normally we ask “how were WE?” in post-care surveys. We need to ask “How are you?”

SW: Too few people want to be great.

We don’t ask questions about us, we ask questions about you. We have conversations about how these patients are experiencing care.

ET: Great healthcare should not be local. Science is not.

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