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“Buttoned Up” VS “Just In Time”

April 24, 2011

Recently an executive said to me that “we need someone who is buttoned-up on this project.”Brooks Brothers Shirt

It got me thinking. What is “buttoned up?”  What do we mean when we say “buttoned up?”

On complex projects there can be lots of little details.  No matter how “Agile’ you are, you cannot escape details.  The details become more distributed, I think, but they remain.  We just can’t get out of them in complex activities. (more…)

Janice Fraser/Adaptive Path on Lean/UX

April 18, 2011

This weekend I had a chance to study a bit, particularly last week’s New York magazine and its articles on Wall Street. This morning came across this video as well as Gareth Kay’s note on judging the Clios. Of course this all interconnects and weaves together because they talk about what’s accepted within a context and that we need to pull in views from outside of our context to know what’s smartest to do next.  The current trial of Joseph Massino and how we deal with it in media also connects.  More about all of this soon, I hope. By the way, may not be allowed to post my deck, for “reasons,” but we’ll see!

Ordinary Cannibalism, Compassion and the Culturally Accepted

April 11, 2011
"Eating With Cannibals" NatGeo Show

"Eating With Cannibals" NatGeo Show

I saw “Eating With Cannibals” on National Geographic’s cable channel,  a show that focuses on whether or not cannibalism is still practiced in the villages in interior Papua New Guinea.  Like many of these shows, real investigation is balanced with entertainment.  We follow host Piers Gibbon into remote areas of Papua New Guinea where he interviews elders about their own experience of cannibalism.  Have they eaten human flesh?  Whose? What did it taste like?  And as such it was clear to me that some of the subjects of this shock-ish doc-ish show could feel motivated to massage the truth to fit what the camera wanted to see.  That was for sure. Whatever, what’s interesting here is not so much (more…)

And Now a Very Important Political Message…

April 11, 2011

Vote Summer!