#sgcal Intro and Keynote by .@jeffsutherland – live notes – Scaling Scrum

If you are here, Dana and I have a session Wednesday at 1pm! “Growing by Sharing: Transitioning a Group to a Self-directed model” — a workshop.

Productivity is sometimes shunned by Agilists. 

His biggest issue is 61% of Agile teams aren’t delivering. 

Big companies are moving Scrum out of IT. So have to make implementation conversations everywhere.

Moore’s Law and exponential increase.

iRobot incubated on Scrum

Intel: what we’ve learned is nothing scales. Only fractal things scale. The only things that scale is the internet and Scrum.

Stephen Daukas, Simplivity. 

Jeff is going into detail on how to scale. 

Keep teams small.

Be fractal.

Jeff’s company does not allow 9 people. Max is five at his company. Scrum of Scrums instead. 

Have an Executive Action team that helps with impediments.

Hold meta Scrums. Keep it fractal.

(This reminds me of holocracy somewhat in the distribution.)

Saab is doing this. 3m doing. Started in health. Now their HR team is doing it.

Maersk was able to reduce costs with Scrum. Shipping part of company invited in. Referenced moneyball, book and movie. They crunched data and figured out those who got to first base got runs. BoSox did that and won series.

GE assessment: developers were doing things no one wanted.

If you know the efficiency number, raising that number is best thing to get Scrum to scale.

Everything in Scrum is data-driven. And this helps scaling.

Case Studies

He is consulting on changing the Toyota Way.  Getting rid of requirements. 

BMW: there will not be a single non-Scrum person at the company.

Microsoft after 10 years can now deploy every day.

Tesla – increasing market cap. Only shipping 50k a year.

BMW realizing they have to compete on this.

Agile is a different operating system. Have to change your business API and procedure calls.

Shu Ha Ri

Skype: because of the rat nest of dependencies, took 7 months to change a line of code.

To fix, implement Scrum: Find biggest problem and fix that.

Spotify. Why are projects late if all stories are early, they asked. Then they realized it was the managers.

Morning Star, food company. 

If Jeff was asked in 1993, he never would have guessed this many people. So in another 20? No idea, but think it will be awesome!

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