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Starting a New Business

October 17, 2019

I started A Faster Horse in March of 2018. At first, we spent a year and a half experimenting with products. Finally we returned to our roots in experience design for the web with the establishment of the company as a consultancy.

Our first client was experiencing digital disruption. Before the Uber of their industry could come along and put an end to them, they awoke to their own stagnancy. They hired us, experience design experts, to help them figure out the best way to talk about offerings they are calculated would bring them roaring into the future: a combination of the industrial internet of things and insurance. With us they discovered that the disruption they were experiencing was just the beginning. They uncovered the fact that climate is very important to their business in a way that will be critical to their survival as a company (never mind as a species.)

Another client is more directly involved in climate issues, focused on bringing local plants to gardens and landscapes. We helped them hone their brand and take their message to a broader audience.

For both clients we conduct workshops, bringing stakeholders together with conversation and interaction and getting not just “alignment,” but a shared understanding. We help with enablement guides so that our workshop and research work stay alive and evolving, polished through use in the field.

It’s an exciting moment for us. We hope you’ll join us. We’d love to help you with your business.