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#AD16 @agilenyc @JeanAtAzureGate Jean: Conflict, Collaboration and Consciousness – my notes and thoughts

September 15, 2016


Jean gave an interesting presentation that made me rethink some of the presentations I’ve read by Pete Behrens about an agile culture. Kind of gives me hope that you can start where you are and don’t have to hope a company be collaborative in culture for agile to have any chance. What it is not.  Was very Interested in hearing collaboration as a conflict mode. Never thought of collaboration that way.

Also the idea that a collaborative approach might not always work and might depend on context. This directly affects influencing culture at a company, if you think of the William Schneider model (command, cultivative, competent or collaborative traits). Tempting to ask “What if a command approach works better in a circumstance?” While it is a temptation to ask, the two extremes were debate/competitive and dialogue/ collaborative. Wondering if there is a parallel for other two.

We really have to use skillful means, and find it gets back to the awareness we talked about earlier in the day.


Purpose.nGetting the things we want: a good death and good relationships.

Looking how people recover character. Coming to greater consciousness. Jack McKenna.

Conflict can also be known as problem-solving. Sometimes people think they are in conflict, but they agree and just don’t see it.

Collaboration is a conflict mode.

Thomas-Kilmann conflict model.

So sometimes being collaborative will not work.

Kilmann online trading very good.

The why we want to be in collaborative to be in greater consciousness.

Portland uses agile even in sewage system management.

Heightening conscious means awareness, knowledge of others.

Sometimes people are so much in their head they forget they have a self and that others do.

Sometimes people go to mediation NOT to learn.


Intentionally choose conflict mode.

Attitude overall is how I am.

Dialogue leaves you curious and open. Debate leaves you judging.

Debate is the court room. You talk more than listen. Reacting is going in for the kill. Interrogation. If you ask questions, it is me trying to trip you up.

(Getting your baggage out on table might dissipate it).

If someone comes at you with what they think you are about, their opinion about what you are saying, elicit more from them. Find out what they are saying.

Have team break into pairs and discuss what’s in the image, what the sculpture is about.

People don’t see their affect on people. They don’t realize how strong they are in the room. Working with them, have to bring the right approach

Not about empowering people. It’s about stopping dis-empowering them.

Agile had no need for genuflecting. Recognizes all are part of the solution.

(Statue is the torch bearers, older generation passing knowledge to older generation.)

Brought in principle of mutual causality. That we become different people together?

Pair programming is dialogue

Refactoring is releasing the entity from the void.

Why important? Software dev is a back door to how the world works. So creating it consciously helps world be a better place.

#AD16 @agilenyc @selenadelesie Soul of Agile – notes and thoughts

September 15, 2016


Selena’s talk reminded me a bit of Alistair Cockburn’s “Heart of Agile”, oddly. Alistair’s construct is more about getting to the pith of Agile, but I think, maybe…does it miss this idea of soul?  Will have to read more, but currently Heart of Agile appears to be external.

Recently have been thinking a lot about “being” versus “doing” Agile, particularly as I watch organizations transform. And try to transform my team.

What I am reminded of so far is we have to transform ourselves first. Have to “be” agile, present, aware, myself. Be the spoon for now, until you realize there is no “you” and no “spoon.”

Notes from talk:

How do we put care, soul, compassion, etc. into the manifesto’s key element.

We are a living organism as a team, not machines. We are a complex organism.

Frederic Lalo

Stop focusing on execution. Focus on being.

How to inspire in other people. Transform teams from we hate being here to loving showing up for work. How to connect, listen, connect.

Shift from “power over” to “power with”

Let go. Of expectations. Of who you think you are and what you think that role is. That is really scary. The container makes you feel safe.

Have to let go of being a “manager”–make yourself obsolete. Have to face fear of being obsolete.

Create safety. Care built into all aspects of system. Respect and connection matter.

Connection, Love, Abundance.

If you are frustrated with a team mate all the time, how can it get better? It can’t. Someone has to change the tide. Have to let go.


It creates a place for people to feel safe.

Emerge, Adapt, Evolve. Let go of “this needs to happen” move to “discover what needs to happen.”

Presence. Retrospectives tells you what happened, but can tell you about feelings too.

Advises doing breath focus to bring presence. First notice what’s inside you. (Had us notice pains in body).