@zakiwarfel talks about Design Studio @agileuxnyc raw notes

@jeffpatton mentioned again

Tips for Design Studio

-use butcher paper and Painter’s tape; use sharpies
-graph paper
-team members with teams, get scenarios and one of the personas
— do not use all designers, etc. Use people from each expertise, business, UX, tech particularly
– most important tool is stop watch — likes Top Chef’s Quick Fire challenge

Has a grid system to use with block at bottom – do 6 to 8
To warm up, have them sketch stuff quickly using pencil, like circle, square and show to workshop–also levels everyone

Everyone is equally uncomfortable regardless of place in hierarchy

Goal is just enough idea to pitch to team members, and don’t have time to details

Only get three minutes to pitch.

Elect a team member to pitch to another team.

Hyper Island did this in our Master Class

Feedback can tend to I like / I don’t like

A critique is did they accomplish goal?

2 minutes to provide 2 to 3 ways design accomplished goal and 1 to 2 ways. Whether you love or hated it. Doesn’t matter. Use red to mark oops and green to what works.

Stealing is highly encouraged.

If you rip it off, have to make it better.

Generate six weeks of work in six hours. So costs? Costs less!

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