@dayleyagile #sgcal Leadership and Empowerment

I attended this session at the San Diego Scrum Gathering because of my interest in leadership. If you have a team, a co-equal group of people with equal say, what can happen? How do leaders function in general. Do we need leaders or can we get things done behaving like a murmur of starlings?

These are super raw notes:

Experience drives beliefs drives behaviors drives results. Leaders do first two; managers second.

Supervisors command laborers.

Coordinators delegate to agents.

Steward empowers professionals.

Catalyst inspires co-leaders.

Steward and Catalyst Actions: How to do it?

  • Create space ( for team to work, etc.)
  • Protect Boundaries ( let product owners make choices, self-organize)
  • Connect (elbow coaching — create connections)
  • Invite ( instead of tell people to do something)
  • Initiate ( when invitations don’t work) ( even sometimes set up meeting, give problem, leave)
  • Co-participate ( you can help your manager to transform)

Every one of us has power. We need to stop our organizations from blocking that.

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