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Live Notes – @jtwinsor @eurorscgny @victorsnspoils on Innovation

July 24, 2012

We had the great luck to have John Winsor speak at the How To Euro Thought Leadership Series about collaboration, innovation and Victors & Spoils.  Here are my live notes. 

Inspiration for Victors & Spoils was based on a conversation with Alex Bogusky about the fact that ideas can come from anywhere.

V&S has a “crowd in a digital database.”  But considers themselves an agency.

  • Identify
  • Collaborate
  • Create
  • Review
  • Client buys the work they use

Moving from Scarcity to Abundance.  Where “Abundance” is inspiration, collaboration, curation.

Ideo, Frog and advertising are going to come together.  We’re going to create products for companies via the digital medium.  Ideas that do.
Get out of the way.  Adv ertisers are looking for something different.  “Take fate into your own hands and reinvent advertising.”

Example of SmartWool, outdoor gear base layer. Had a huge social following.  Asked fans to strip down to SmartWool base layer and post on FB.

But can we work directly with fans? asked clients.  So VnS created “Fan Machine.”  Everyone can write briefs.  Fans can vote briefs up and down.

Results: 4 briefs, 1500 ideas, 50,000 votes – conducted for Harley-Davidson


What do you do with confidentiality issues?  Won’t some of it give away competitive advantage?  Not as badly as traditional agency.  Ideas are floating in and out of the office.

What inspired him about David Jones was he wants to change, that Havas is going to be Future First.

He’s found Gareth Kay’s lots of Small Ideas work interesting, yet has not abandoned the Big Idea.

The reason YouTube filled with videos is everyone has a voice.

Thinks Agency Machine might help solve the perennial agency issue of “I’m-too-busy/I’m-too-idle” – talent allocations.

Raw Notes and Thoughts on Talk Given by .@malbonnington .@eurorscgny

November 17, 2011

Today I attended a very interesting talk by Ben Malbon of Google Creative Labs. Ben is actually better known (for me, anyway) as being the brother of Made By Many’s Tim Malbon — and for being formerly of BBH Labs.

When he worked at BBH Labs, he wrote a blog post that talked about pitching, well, Google.  Evidently he had a slide in the BBH deck that said:



Is Agile Communist?

March 27, 2011

Whenever we start talking about “collectives” and not being completely in the realm of the individual, we inevitably see comparisons to Communism.

So I found this very interesting article written in 2007 called “Does XP/Scrum Violate the ‘Agile Manifesto?’” written by an anonymous blogger who refers to themselves as the “Software Maestro.” (I have not delved more deeply into this blog to figure out if they de-cloaked at any point).  I also found this article, on, also from 2007, which argues back in a very cogent, unemotional, way.

Ramses II photo by Iamimesis

Ramses II photo by Iamimesis

Software Maestro’s article aligning Agile with Communism should be considered as its very interesting viewpoint starts to pierce some of this puzzling over leadership and the role of the individual within the Agile world.  It’s back to the Big Idea, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the need for leadership and vision for the team.  Who gets to have a vision?  Just the Product Owner? Just the Master? Just Steve Jobs?  Just George Lois? And so on. (more…)


March 13, 2011

At SXSW there was a panel called Do Agencies Need to Think Like Software Companies? Folks at the conference have been tweeting using #agileagency making it easier to at least read through reactions. Here is my curated list, best collection of tweets revealing how important this particular SXSW has been.  Some of these tweets have links that go more in-depth.

rnadworny Rich Nadworny
#agileagency panel said you need to visualize new ideas for client innovation. What ways could you do that. #sellideas
kasimzorlu kasim zorlu
Main product of #agileagency is use-vertising is in, agency ppl must think more like a product developer than an entertainer
ckburgess Cheryl Burgess
“Do Agencies Need to Think Like Software Co’s?” & Mktg Technologist? #agileagency #SXSWi #sxsw
>> The first link is *awesome* – check that out.  Reason is that it contains notes from the session, sort of what I myself might have jotted down if I was there.

OliverMeschke Oliver Meschke
Thanks for sharing this @Rick_Now: #SXSW Day 1 – On game mechanics and being agile #sxswi #agileagency

>>> Liked this because one of the methods I’m exploring is bringing in gameplay to methodology:
All this puts the focus on creating a more cooperative environment and here’s why this can be so important: If it’s purely a competitive environment and one player takes a massive lead, participation from other players will drop off.
>>> And this, because it gets encapsulates why I’ve gone this direction:
The conversation focused on the need for agencies to move quickly, to produce something right now rather than to continue to shape and refine ideas