@b9punk Atomic Design: Better, Faster, UXier @agileuxnyc @designatomic

New idea to get devs and design working together.

Talking about pain of visual designers in Agile world. Prototype to iteration.
Talks about difficulty of iterating the look and feel.

The Art of Maximizing Work Not Done — in daily work hard to figure out and get it to where user understands.

Talked about typical issues of teams sharing files. And naming convention issues.

What to do to fix these problems. We need continuous deployment of design. Actually rapid actually useful prototyping. Maybe we can do prototypes instead of mockups.

Designer developer collaboration.

Easy discovery, not ten people asking for same file. Shared vocabulary for file naming.



Design strategy cake:

Brand guideline
Component library
Pattern library

Patterns-set of styles
Component chunk of page design

Shows a search in four states. A re-usable component throughout site.

Define component vs pattern for your project.

Design components first then continue with pages.

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