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The New Village: There is No Privacy in the Networked World

December 17, 2011

Pennsylvania "Dutch" Hex "Rosette"

Villages naturally have very little privacy. To guard against the results (“bad luck”) that the eyes of the Other (neighbors) might bring, inhabitants might use all kinds of methods–including some that are supernatural.  For instance, in pre-1997 Bhutanese villages (e.g. before TV was allowed and other cultures flooded in) inhabitants painted symbols on their homes to ward off ill-fortune.  If you visit rural areas today, you’ll notice among these house paintings are phalluses, painted by doors, hung from strings from the roof as if they were windchimes or placed like gargoyles on the eaves.   This was done rather like the hex signs of the Pennsylvania “Dutch,” but not for what many guess would be the obvious reason, fertility.  No, the Bhutanese were not insuring the abundance of their fields and families with these phalluses.  They painted these symbols to ward off gossip and what we might call the evil eye.  Gossip and the evil eye, which results from gossip because if you are trying to accomplish something, and people conceptualize and talk about it too much, that thing you are trying to do might not turn out so well. (more…)

No One Wants To Know What You Think: The Trouble With Blogs #himc

September 16, 2011

HyperIslandWhile I’m supposed to be blogging about my “ahas” from a HyperIsland Master Class I just had the lucky chance to take, I’m at the moment inspired by a side comment made to me by a very senior executive.

No One Wants To Know What You Think

He wasn’t saying it “to” me, or “at” me, it was just sort of a comment, an aside, about the way things are in general, especially on the web.

I was inspired enough to google “No One Wants to Know What You Think” and found a few interesting points. (more…)

2011 running into @totherAlistair and following that thread for my 11 am session

August 11, 2011

Alistair seems to just sort of flow with stuff. This is a bit of a story about jumping into the river with Alistair.

I ran into him in the hallway, asked him for an ICAgile tee-shirt and he invited me into a conversation he was having with Drew, a consultant who focuses on using improv techniques as an Agile coach. Instead of retiring into formality, and propriety (my safe spot), the conversation continued into the hall as Alistair invited us both to his room to get ICAgile tee-shirts. On the way, as we three flowed through the river of people, we stopped so Alistair could hug and meet all sorts of folks, flowing the conversation as we went. (more…)

Teams and Trusting Like a Fool

April 4, 2011

Ryder-Waite Tarot "The Fool"Just when I was supposed to be finishing up these slides for Execs, and instead talking with someone about trust in the context of working relationships, I saw tweets about Lyssa Adkins‘ nice blog post on the same topic: “Is trust earned or granted?

In the article she notices how she gradually granted trust to her toddler and relates this to discoveries working with Tobias Mayer and a client.  One of her discoveries was this line (which does sound like its out of something written by Lao Tzu):

Trust — lead from a place of faith, not suspicion; follow likewise

The conversation piqued my awareness of trust and somehow I started watching how this plays out in my daily interactions. Within the context of two circumstances I made some discoveries.

First, in an hours-long conversation between colleagues on a train, I observed us granting, revoking, and regranting trust over and over, very subtly, as we spoke.  All of this in the quest of understanding what it was that we were trying to say to each other. (more…)