Bye, Employee Engagement, Hello Human Intelligence – notes .@merhaberfeld #sxsw

People spending billions on engagement and no result.

Wegman’s, Soul Cycle: why they succeed on engagement is that they are obsessively concerned with what’s good for their people. It’s a context, decision filter about what they do.

“I want you to be emotionally engaged so we can get the best of your discretionary effort.”

Discovery 2: the framework – the human impntelligence quotient.

Amy Edmondson and psychological safety – interpersonal risk taking. High HQ companies.

  • Healthy ecosystem
  • Circle of safety: Higher safety reported errors more than low ones — because nurses didn’t feel safe. People drop their guard and do things bigger than themselves.
  • Emotional weather: Everyone influences so give people the tools to improve weather.
  • Human potentuial
  • Embolden potential
  • High impact

Wegmans sends employees abroad for training. They do college scholarships. 

Culture: Values, beliefs, behaviors

Invisible expectations. Top down and bottom up. Culture like a sound wave in an echo chamber.

Discovery 3: the vibration of the leadership sets the emotional tone for what’s get reflected back.

Soul Cycle leaders showed they could send out positive even under stress.

Open loop system — physically transmitted back and forth. The CEO is the emotional center. Can’t delegate culture.

Sacrifice is it has to start at senior leadership. Whole Foods CEO worked on himself to help company grow.

Don’t buy in. Embody the culture.

Work brain vs personal brain.

Silo’d and guarded vs open and unified.

Put your human intelligence to work by embedding in your team. Use concentric rings. 

Ask: are team members empowered and able to have real conversations. Are they inspired? Help each other learn deeply and meaningful.

Go to work on your own human intelligence.

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