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I didn’t think I’d get much out of this, but did.

Format is questions from Facebook, Twitter and submitted before.

Giving to your audience beyond the book you’ve written. Being famous and having people come up to you and ask advice.

Like each of our keys has a story. Necklace she is wearing represents unzipping, opening up. 

Writer creates words, but minute we release them, they belong to the reader.

“How wild it was to let it be.” Is now tattooed. No one has it tattooed because of writer, it is because of them. 

“Write like a motherfucker.”

Humility sometimes gets misinterpreted as weakness, so people don’t want to seem humble. [My takeaway: this is at root of having a learning approach.]

Sense of surrender and acceptance.

Humility, acceptance and surrender giving us a kind of power.

[Questions are from a different context so feel a tad disconnected.]

Shame, guilt and procrastination. Binge writing. Writer’s block. 

Two crappy pages per day technique.

Cathartic nature of writing because you empathize with your tormentor as you have to ask why.

Writing prompts. Talisman prompt is an object that has accumulated meaning.

[People expect Ferriss to be more about crazy experimentation, not so much emotional–so this is kind of breaking that.]

“What makes me angry” as a prompt.

Rationally we know we can die, but not in our bones. Dont take our lives for granted. Keeping mortality at a distance versus keeping it as a point on a daily basis. Gives her a greater sense of consequence.

“Good-bye” means “God Be With You” — Ferriss became more aware of death.

Interesting: Tim Ferriss hyper-focused on technique. On how someone rolls things out in their lives.

She used to write “dear sugar” column.

Lists as a way to SEE not just feel your feels. Like post-it’s. What you want, fear, desire.

Ferriss does a worst case list. How can I mitigate.

One of scariest things is doing what we know we should do. Giving ourselves permission. Doing what you want to do is a kind of generosity.

Theory of putting O2 mask on first in the plane. 

Most of us get wisdom from a wide range of sources. Help on saying “No” — everyone has something to tell about it. Not about right or wrong, it’s about illumination, to get me to think in a way I have not thought before.

Most important is to feel not alone.

Pacific Crest Trail. Long hikes when you suffer and make it. Not going to be fun all the time. Retrospective fun. 

Ferriss schedules prospective enjoyment–give six months to look forward to trip.

Citizen, Claudia Rankin

Mary Oliver poet

Alice Munroe
Many definitions of success. Way we are and act in world is more a mark of success. Set intentions and followed through. When done that feels successful.

She’s talking about decluttering.

Boot box. Is her purchase under $100

Second time heard fail fast. Difference between failure and being sloppy. Craftsmanship. Know what you are doing. People haven’t done their work. Old school about having done the work.

Do multiple revisions to yourself.

Surrender to your own mediocrity. It is an American thing. But in the sense of humility, but the drive to be so good might stop you from doing it.

Your dreams can get in the way of what you need to do.

Awesome close talking about Oprah being open, like the zipper necklace.

Darkest Teacher writer’s prop. A person in your life who taught you something you don’t want to know about our selves. She wrote about her father. When you view them as a teacher changes view.

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