At SXSW there was a panel called Do Agencies Need to Think Like Software Companies? Folks at the conference have been tweeting using #agileagency making it easier to at least read through reactions. Here is my curated list, best collection of tweets revealing how important this particular SXSW has been.  Some of these tweets have links that go more in-depth.

rnadworny Rich Nadworny
#agileagency panel said you need to visualize new ideas for client innovation. What ways could you do that. #sellideas
kasimzorlu kasim zorlu
Main product of #agileagency is use-vertising is in, agency ppl must think more like a product developer than an entertainer
ckburgess Cheryl Burgess
“Do Agencies Need to Think Like Software Co’s?” & Mktg Technologist? #agileagency #SXSWi #sxsw
>> The first link is *awesome* – check that out.  Reason is that it contains notes from the session, sort of what I myself might have jotted down if I was there.

OliverMeschke Oliver Meschke
Thanks for sharing this @Rick_Now: #SXSW Day 1 – On game mechanics and being agile #sxswi #agileagency

>>> Liked this because one of the methods I’m exploring is bringing in gameplay to methodology:
All this puts the focus on creating a more cooperative environment and here’s why this can be so important: If it’s purely a competitive environment and one player takes a massive lead, participation from other players will drop off.
>>> And this, because it gets encapsulates why I’ve gone this direction:
The conversation focused on the need for agencies to move quickly, to produce something right now rather than to continue to shape and refine ideas

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