Live Notes – @jtwinsor @eurorscgny @victorsnspoils on Innovation

We had the great luck to have John Winsor speak at the How To Euro Thought Leadership Series about collaboration, innovation and Victors & Spoils.  Here are my live notes. 

Inspiration for Victors & Spoils was based on a conversation with Alex Bogusky about the fact that ideas can come from anywhere.

V&S has a “crowd in a digital database.”  But considers themselves an agency.

  • Identify
  • Collaborate
  • Create
  • Review
  • Client buys the work they use

Moving from Scarcity to Abundance.  Where “Abundance” is inspiration, collaboration, curation.

Ideo, Frog and advertising are going to come together.  We’re going to create products for companies via the digital medium.  Ideas that do.
Get out of the way.  Adv ertisers are looking for something different.  “Take fate into your own hands and reinvent advertising.”

Example of SmartWool, outdoor gear base layer. Had a huge social following.  Asked fans to strip down to SmartWool base layer and post on FB.

But can we work directly with fans? asked clients.  So VnS created “Fan Machine.”  Everyone can write briefs.  Fans can vote briefs up and down.

Results: 4 briefs, 1500 ideas, 50,000 votes – conducted for Harley-Davidson


What do you do with confidentiality issues?  Won’t some of it give away competitive advantage?  Not as badly as traditional agency.  Ideas are floating in and out of the office.

What inspired him about David Jones was he wants to change, that Havas is going to be Future First.

He’s found Gareth Kay’s lots of Small Ideas work interesting, yet has not abandoned the Big Idea.

The reason YouTube filled with videos is everyone has a voice.

Thinks Agency Machine might help solve the perennial agency issue of “I’m-too-busy/I’m-too-idle” – talent allocations.

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