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#agile2011 Keynote with Linda Rising

August 12, 2011

[Updated on reflection. Scroll down for raw notes.]

This talk moved me to tears. So from the heart. First Dr. Rising gave us her background, and in doing acknowledged her age and mentioned she’d gotten a PhD late in life, defending her dissertation at age 50. Then she stated her intention was to help us, the audience, not make the same mistakes she had made. Importantly, she made a statement which said, roughly, “If what I say is useful for you, please follow that. If not, please disregard.” Her saying this reminded me of great Tibetan Buddhist masters who say the same thing. I’ll tell you why they do in a minute.

Dr. Linda Rising

Dr. Linda Rising


2011 running into @totherAlistair and following that thread for my 11 am session

August 11, 2011

Alistair seems to just sort of flow with stuff. This is a bit of a story about jumping into the river with Alistair.

I ran into him in the hallway, asked him for an ICAgile tee-shirt and he invited me into a conversation he was having with Drew, a consultant who focuses on using improv techniques as an Agile coach. Instead of retiring into formality, and propriety (my safe spot), the conversation continued into the hall as Alistair invited us both to his room to get ICAgile tee-shirts. On the way, as we three flowed through the river of people, we stopped so Alistair could hug and meet all sorts of folks, flowing the conversation as we went. (more…)

2011 Agile – Dinner with Jeff Patton and friends

August 11, 2011

I had the great luck to have dinner with Jeff Patton, one of the main people to use Story-mapping in the Agile world. I wanted to say “inventor” but, and one of the great things about Jeff, he won’t make that claim. Rather, he said that he and David Hussman seemed to start to use Story Mapping at about the same time. (more…)

2011 agile coach private session w Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd

August 9, 2011

Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd now partnering with Alistair and Ahmed Sidkey in ICAgile. Weird. I randomly took Ahmed’s class and randomly sat by him and Mary Poppendieck at the Signators Park Bench session last night. Not sure if meaningful pattern [that all these people, Alistair, Ahmed, Lyssa, Michael – and Dan Meznick – are interconnected and I am observing this fractal] or random condition?

Michael Sahota joined gathering – thinking interesting to take his session. Session madness! 🙂

Rolling out a deeper program of training including apprentice training.  It’s nice there is a path.