The “How Dare You” Factor

I just saw some feedback to ad creative in an email from an Account Executive (a mid-level Account person) and it reminded me of my current “how dare you” binge. This all stems out of having the sense that the guys who created Scrubbing Bubbles wouldn’t be so interested in my ideas on Advertising and the Big Idea. What do I know about Advertising, really – what have I *done.*

The idea of having *done* something, accomplished something, is important. It’s a level of mastery. I think this may be the key to understanding the conversation about Steve Jobs. There are those people who are Masters, and who actually yes do deserve our respect. Maybe not awe and veneration, but at least respect of the fact that they have done something.

I’m still thinking about it though and there’s more to, um, flush out in this thought path.

So is it possible to have a Big Spaceship world with no creatives? Or do we start to create by committee? Is it okay for an AE to suddenly have their input weigh the same as an Art Director who has been awarded and celebrated? Or is there a way to balance that? Can we become too communal, too equal?

I should probably name my Posterous blog “rabbit hole” although it seems I can’t get away from some sort of mildly inappropriate-sounding metaphors. [Note – was thinking to move to Posterous before I settled on WordPress.]

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