The Big Idea in a Software World – What to Do?

The role of the Big Idea has to be thought through, gazing at it with Agile glasses. Recently I had a discussion about leadership, thinking about Steve Jobs as leader and inspiration.

George Lois – let’s use him as a Steve Jobs of Advertising. In Advertising we may not necessarily be able to wait for the George Lois to come up with something, but must form a team that has to come up with something that a George Lois will sign off on. What I’m doing to tease out how Agile techniques might help is to see how the offline people (people who do TV/print) do their work. It strikes me they are already sort of working in a way similar to Agile, except – it is farther towards chaos than Kanban is in terms of rules. It’s more the Creative General model, with the all-mighty mind barking orders at his/her minions.

Our problem set for online people is the same as it has been for IT guys. Marketing dreams up stuff for IT guys to implement; Offline guys are dreaming up campaigns and then throwing it over the fence to digital creatives.

So how to solve?

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