#sxsw #SXSWgrowth #amp Entrepreneurship vs. Intrapreneurship w/ .@gunnr

Live notes with my thoughts interspersed.

Organize so employees can innovate. Tasks will be outsourced.

Two types of Intrapreneur: sustaining and disruptive.

Sustaining Innovation

Business Units are meant to die, they have a life span. To keep alive, don’t focus on one product. Right now maximizing value if one product, but think portfolio.

Little sustaining innovations. All employees focused on next sustaining innovation.

Attracting intrapreneurs is less to do with HR and more to do with creating an environment in which intrapreneurs can thrive.

Uses autonomy, mastery, and purpose for vision (Daniel Pink). [Wonder how many people read Dan Ariely after Pink].

Jeff Mallett (Yahoo) inspired him. “Solve a simple problem, then think BIG.” [the Big Idea]

Disruptive Innovation

(Was distracted a second).

Looking at data and figure out ignored segments. Examples: Cirque de Soleil, video game consoles: Wii

Wii found targeting other than the typical market rewarding.
Making bets one step at a time. There will be failures.

Cannibalize your business before your competition does.
Think what you would do if you had no non-compete and were fired yesterday.

Hoot suite has a Labs.
– get your people committed to passion projects that you know 75% will fail. It’s okay.

Death of the Strategist — read in HBR

Folks built to be agile can take advantage of opportunities [why agile précis on r&d site of us armed service

Stop Making Sense:
After the talk, I approached Greg to ask him if the practiced Scrum throughout the organization, how far do they go, if so. He responded “At the point if operationalizing things you have to go command-and-control.”

I will return to this later.




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