#sxsw #octalysis Live Notes Actionable Gamification – Beyond Points & Badges .@yukaichou

These are raw notes interspersed with my own thoughts.

Demographics of games are not what we think.

For this session, think about one game you found enjoyable and hold in your mind.

Grinding: doing same activity, monotonous to level up. Games get people to do this “work” over and over. Example leveling up in MMPORPGs.

“Human-focused design” — not like a factory treating people like cogs. As opposed to “function-focused design.”


Schopenhauer Cycle

We are now at DUH everyone needs a social strategy. Now 70% according to Gartner will use gamification — but 80% will fail because of bad design.

The Cause: “game mechanics” over core purpose.

For good: what do I want my users to feel? What is goal I want to accomplish?

Epic Meaning & Calling: people contribute to wiki bc something bigger than themselves.
Development & Accomplishment: achieving mastery
Empowerment of Creativity & feedback: learning
Ownership & possession: includes customizing aviator, accuse wealth
Social Influence & relatedness : people like me
Scarcity & impatience: because you can’t have it, you want it ( FB and early membership)
– FarmVille example.
Unpredictability and curiosity:
– Skinner box example (press lever and food comes out; if food doesn’t always come out, lever pressed more)
Loss and avoidance: don’t want something bad to happen

Left brain–extrinsic (reward-based) / accomplish, own, scarce, avoid
Right brain–intrinsic (creative, social) just enjoy, no reward

White hat: master, good, powerful
Black hat: avoid loss (relates to Zynga — users don’t feel good playing game)
— people might do this to encourage going to gym (loss and avoidance)

Level 2 Octalysis – design for all phases

Discovery – figure out and orient in game
*try out, curiosity
on boarding – rules and tools
* users must know what to do in four seconds
* starts out simple, makes people feel smart, but to conquer scarcity
* Google often makes this mike

scaffolding – repetitive tasks
endgame – for retaining vets

He matches this back against Bartle.

Back to game you like: map back to these traits to understand why you think fun.

Speed Camera Lottery: get people to obey speed limit thru fun. Speeders pay, law obeyers have chance to win money. Results were overall reduction in speed of 22%

Social influence of everyone can see results of speed cam. Competitive dynamic of winning from speeders.

Why in video do they not just show the idea? Because we connect, becomes a person like me.
Enterprise-gamification.com Octalysis.com

Pain squad – game for kids with cancer

Gamifying taxes – compared to progress bar on LinkedIn.

Easter Eggs — example of four square and Easter egg, badge at Steve’s house the day he passed away “here’s to the crazy ones”

Stop Making Sense:

Greg Gunner and end of strategy mashing up for me against what is very strategic approach of this talk. Feels valuable to approach in this informed way.

Need to mash this back against Dan Ariely’s work.

Figuring out this WordPress app is losing changes — and not feeling attached because it will just be a karmic editor.



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