@donttrythis #sxsw #ieeesavage art vs science Adam Savage keynote

Rough notes taken on Galaxy as ipad batt dead on Mythbusters’ Adam Savage talk


About if we feel qualified to discuss art or science. 

Hero of his is Richard Feynman. Ellie Lammer of Lammers Law.

We practice Science all the time as empiricism.

I don’t know about art but I know what I like.  Equivalent is “im not really a math person…”

Science as opposite of art, Clara Moskowitz article.

For “Question!” … 1 come up with a question, 2 form a hypothesis (a self generating act…more you do, the more you do)
3 Design an experiment to test your hypothesis.

Art and science is how we converse about who we are…Cubism as response to scientific achievement of that time.

2 question everything
3 nothing is beyond your understanding

Q: Does the story get in the way of the experiment? HOW CAN SCIENTISTS before better story tellers?

Through failure.

People should not think math is a mountain of facts.

Q: girls and creativity and math

We all have imposter syndrome…having notoriety actually accentuates this.  Meta filter on Auden…fomenting the enthusiasm of crowds…the better conversion is between you and another person, not crowds.

Buzzfeed figures out the value of fact checking.  Through trial and error.

New Media has to trial and error their way through.  The power of trust the New York Times has is vastly valuable.

Kids have to touch the stove. We have to touch the stove.

If you look at enough stuff, you see patterns emerge. When you see patterns you can come up with your own idea.

Religion and Science question: if someone wants to believe in a first domino and get together once a week to talk about how awesome everything is, great! Atheists should do the same!

“The great thing about facts is they are true whether or not you believe in them.” Quote by Neil Degrassi Tyson

What we need to do? Understand the full picture. Don’t just believe the headlines. He is a Snowden fan.

Stop Making Sense:
You have to touch the stove.

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