#sxsw #intuition Let’s Get Physical: Design + Embodied Cognition .@rmichael .@ideo

Bailed on George Takei, intentionally as I just wanted to see him in person, I’m afraid. Struck by a star. These raw notes from a talk by Ideo’s Michael Hendrix.

Five Senses.

Apple product to get your brain to focus called Axio. Renamed company Melon — freshness and approachability. Founders were not in it for money, but passion.

“Old”: positive and negative connotations. Worn in. Fossils. Sequoia awe.

Used example of medical implants (such as bolts for your spine). Bolt cutters are used by doctors–connotation is uncomfortable.

Puddle on the sidewalk turned into a beautiful mouse.

Confident in our intuition: empathy quotients and emotional quotients in design.

Emotional intent as important as functional or marketing intent.

Objects becoming more human.
Digital experiences become multi-sensory.
– Oscar Mayer bacon smell alarm example.

Bad things: used for testing (and manipulation)
Marketers will try to make another quantitative validation exercise.

What gestures, sensations, experiences influence design

Stop Making Sense:


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