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Raw notes mixed with my own thoughts on Chelsea Clinton’s talk on Social Good. Belatedly I realize the correct term is Development.

Anecdote that President Clinton has only ever sent two emails. And that Mom is most famous texter.

Spam was once innovative. CARE was originally created to send care packages to our soldiers…was at the time innovative and disruptive. Was a collaboration between 22 smaller organizations

[Just occurred to me the fact that she must face the very real possibility if being part of history versus the rest of us who may not get that chance].

Went through examples of companies doing good:
– Kiva
– texting for Haiti.
– Fast Company article on RIC (spelling?)

Mobile tech can disrupt and improve care.

M-pesa, mobile banking in Kenya.

Clinton is looking for a solutions hub and more transparency. Failures are not talked about in the Good world. People are more skittish about such sharing.

Aggregating data with Gates Foundation and others to aggregate and analyze how far women and girls have come.

Clinton in the Q&A portion spoke about clean water and fighting diarrhea and the kind of commitment corporations had to make to overcome the problem.

Feels policy makers vs technologists is a false dichotomy–we need both. We need to get people to feel inspired, empowered and motivated by data. Policy makers to help set the direction.

Her hero Wangari Maathai — Nobel Peace Prize winner

Feels nourished by the care her parents gave her, particularly that she was expected to have a point of view.

She felt she reminds her parents we have to include young voices when coming up with solutions, have them involved.***

Health and education [topics I have resisted] she brings together by talking about obesity and how being obese tires you out and makes it hard to focus in school.

Loves idea of reducing corruption with tech. Ideas addressing corruption can also induce transparency. The technology hasn’t been applied.

Stop Making Sense:
Interesting pre-talk conversation on Tesla with an entrepreneur from Sweden: Not the point that Tesla is a car company; it’s an energy storage company. So talk about over-valuation misses the mark.

“Disruption” as Clinton uses it, mashed up with my learning from meeting activist corporate change agent, Abhi Ingle of AT&T (briefly), inspires the thought means breaking and improving legacy systems. Mash this back against Dr. Neil DeGrassi Tyson’s “Question!” over “Believe,” to fact-check what Snowden and Assange say instead of assuming they are correct, and I start to drill into the meaning of this SouthBy for me. “Question!” is not just about fact-checking or investigating further. “Question!” is also about not accepting the assumption that the structure you have your feet planted on is so very solid. It might be you are standing on a legacy system of sand. ***See above, the value of youth in disrupting legacy systems.

Back to Tesla. It is a disruptive company because it isn’t about what it seems to be about.

March 13 to 17 for 2015 SXSW conference next year








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