#sxsw #YBother Generation Mashup: Y Bother? live notes and thoughts

Pete Casnmore (Mashable), Joanna Cole (Cosmopolitan), Olivier Fleurot (MSLGroup)

Talk about being digital, transparency, jobs and information.

Fleurot: I am being asked to be more a coach than an order-giver, than a traditional “boss” and the fact more information is available about companies has forced a flattening of a hierarchy.

Coles: wanting your cancer surgeon to have had the hours, the experience that is the foundation of confidence.

Cashmore: experience can come from surprising places–video games, for instance, train eye-hand coordination

Questions: career for life versus changing careers?
Fractal: was chatting with a defense contractor employee about being a lifer in government contract jobs just before this.

Cashmore: finding what you love to do early can make you great at that…hours matter. Talent is a small part of that.

Coles: personal brand becomes important

Coles: thinks titles are whack (forgot her exact term)

Cashmore: titles matter externally…ninjas don’t get their emails answered as much as managers do. But there is title inflation.

Fleurot: I ask people I am hiring what were they actually doing.

Stop Making Sense:
This is a bit on education and commerce in a sense because it is about practice, about 10k hours.
Personal brands: how does this affect being a particle in the Big Data stream and wanting to control your own PR


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