Staff Structure for the New Millenium: Spotify

We’ve been holding the NYC Scrum User Group at my company and I’ve had the great fortune of being a co-organizer.  Last week Spotify came to visit and did something I thought was truly amazing.  They completely opened their entire working process to the group.  Transparently.  With no reservations.

And?  They wanted feedback.  Not on how they were structured (and, trust me, everyone in the room was thinking “I want to work there!!  That’s so cool!”), but rather on how they onboard employees.  This is why this is such an innovative company.  No fear of criticism. Get it (whatever “it” is) out there and learn from what happens.

I could go into detail about what they described, but next time we get a chance to hear from them, I think you should not pass up the chance.  To really essentialize, they are basically structured into a series of teams, yes, but then the individuals of those teams are members of 3 different groupings according to skillset, interest, and product area.  Very, very cool because it creates the environment for knowledge to spread and innovation to blossom.

Leave those of you who are fellow anti-Taylorists with this:  They’ve basically ditched a “human resources department” for “People Operations” or  “P-Ops” as they like to call it.  They’re hiring so look ’em up on Twitter.

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