@semanticwill @agileuxnyc “everybody lies” talk @theladders raw notes

People forget what they just did — so this is an issue when we test.

“mute” on mic — it is a mute button! People are expecting a power button

Jacob Nielson

Honeycomb: value at center

Usable, useful, desirable, accessible, credible, findable /valuable

Heuristic evaluations can be complete

(There is a book on web form design!?)

He thinks eye tracking a bit like phrenology ( figuring out if you right for a job based on head shape), but good thing is that found out recruiters spend seconds on your resume, not self-reported 5 minutes

Great slide on The Ladders method – plan every Friday

Looking for boulders not pebbles in usability testing that can get into sprint fast

Product Design Guild guy on testing beer prototyping, by second beer you will see how they really interact with your product

Cash get people in the door. Gift cards cause bias.

Can present with wireframes and say what are you looking at and what would you do next.

Make sure in testing you make clear to test subject we are testing product NOT user. If there are products is because designed poorly.

Ask good questions, that get at what is in user’s head. Open-ended questions, that invite them to think.

[Keeps mentioning book titles super-fast, I can’t catch titles. 😉 ]

No recruiter reads that resume summary at top. Look for education.

Do an affinity grouping by key findings.

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