@neilw @agileuxnyc how design works @betaworks raw notes

Invest in companies (like Twitter, Tumblr, Kickstarter)

Build companies, but not an incubator

Think of themselves as stem cells for Internet

Right now focused on Big Data + real time + social

Cameron Cauzon (sp?) wrote about designer stack.

Specializations across mobile

Have skills not roles. Jump into spiral and do.

Give a 100-day window to build something end-to-end

(Oh-HO they invested in SocialFlow)

Break up products into smaller parts

See New Yorkers article on Pixar.

Firefly for clicking and chatting on site. But quality of discourse would, um, degrade as it was real time and if lots there at same time.

Bloggers understand short online life of bloggers, and very slow traffic numbers.

Realized nyt writers really had a need for a dashboard of timed metrics on blogs.

(btw – I am sitting by two folks from a startup bought out by Nielsen.)

Model and iterate

-sketch and iterate, everything is a transitional document

– has a grey real-timey scroll of events, feels alive

Culture matters- want people who get that UX is collaborative, and jump in

demo culture
– every Thursday different team demos

Showed SocialFlow’s Graffitti of 2 train to express culture, open space, hacker culture

Design is how it works – Steve Jobs. — no above or below the line

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