@jboogie @agileuxnyc Demystifying Design #leanux #demystify

Wow, doing a presentation while organizing conference. An example of hyper productive. 🙂

Started his career working at Circus. Had to figure out the culture. Used example of Sneetch. In one end goes requirements, other end comes Sneetches with stars on their bellies.

We like it like Wizard of Oz. Insulates us from Them. Mass can adore us from afar.

But it becomes a cancer. Everyone splits off into silos and no communication.

Everyone starts using different language. This puts PM in middle, (used Frodo as PM! 🙂 )

Transparency builds trust. Because they know what’s going on.

Robert Dailey study in Management Daily – how tight is the team. (reminds me of a tech lead saying to me “we getting the band back together?”)

Show how sausage is made.

Learn Design is a balancing act. When people collaborate, their investment goes up and quality of work goes up.

(Oh no! WordPress crash)

UX becoming facilitators.

Sometimes okay just to reveal it was just gut.

Architect for the Eden Project. Ground is being quarried. Look for TED talk.

Marc Scheff

Typekit – showing font affect right away

1 draw together
2 show raw work don’t wait for ta-da, walk them thru process
3 teach the discipline – every time you show work, teach rationale and decisions, teach the jargon
teach jargon, examples KERF carpentry, sanguineous crust is a scab, cognitive load
4 hang the work in the halls

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