The Missing Agile Principle @agileuxnyc @giffconstable

He is finding lots who talk about doing; less doing. (reminds me of dinner conversation with Jeff Patton).

In manifesto what is “value?”. Look at VC definition–might be end customer.

Know what KPIs are.

Conversation is shifted from knowing it is done to knowing it is good.

Eric Ries mentioned for validated.

UX should be the stewards of value. UX community is not talking about value. Path! Need to ground things in value.

WordPress for iPad crash again. ;(

Focus on results. And communicate in results, metrics and progress. That gives you credibility in the organization.

1 think like an owner, even in big company
2 think holistically
3 no us vs them
4 involve early and be transparency – see Pixar documentary. No egos slain. Makes people not want to show work in progress
5 people want to work on something meaningful
6 build culture of hypothesis not egos not hippo
7 mentor and get mentored across company lines (Tobias Mayer coaching complaint addressed)
8 be scrappy, don’t ask for permission, be persistent, broadcast win

Don’t fear measurement. Own results. Yes, metrics are muddy.

Ground yourself in progress.

Ultimately work is meaningless unless we provide value.

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