#sxsw Biometrics and Identity: Beyond Wearable raw notes #ieeeglobal @johnchavens @heathervescent

IEEE hosted. My live notes for those who missed session.

Dr. Leslie Saxon: cardiologist. Implants that communicate. “Continuous Medicine”

Showed Swedish company video on implants, on Today Show: 56934953 “chipping” and made point we don’t accept this tech.

Using biometrics instead, just from opening devices.

Hacking biometrics: healthcare privacy concerns. Feels there should be a UN for privacy. Must be about individual interests.

John Havens: author of Hacking Happiness

Frameworks to give you control of data versus “privacy” (he thinks of as “preferences”)

Harken device: driving device measures heart rate in car with goal to prevent drowsy driving.

Peoplekeeper (but spelled complicated way) use to measure how heart rate changes around spcertain people. Also uses journaling. Makes aware of what you are feeling.


“If you put a device over your eyes you are also putting a manufacturer’s philosophy over your eyes.”

To read: the intention economy

He believes individuals should control their data. 

AI is algorithms WILL know us better than we know ourselves. 

Trolley dilemna is being programmed today. Self-driving car makers have already made that choice for you. [my comment: Like I, Robot.]

“your data is your identity”

Values: “How will machines know what we value?”

These ethical distinctions now becoming fixed on a very codified level are a big deal.

Heather Schlegel: Futurist

Mobile phones in Kenya, transactions could not be predicted. Future of money is her focus.

“pockets of the Future Today”

j!ns meme Japanese glasses that assist reading, not augmenting, but checking how you do things.

Disney Magic Bands.


Ringly, gesture based, above.

Lechal gives foot feedback if seeing disabled to direct user. (India)

Aadhaar registration card that includes biometric data.

Bruce Schneider’s talk: storage is cheap. 

Look at data collectively as species.

DAG – digital asset for saving assets according to biometrics

Embedded temp tattoo, temporary tracking.

Dazzle to stop photo Id. Ways not identified thru physical means.

Financial Identity: layer between you and finances

Value encoded currencies. If your values not aligned, converts to values you can use.

Question and Answers

Havens: intrinsic and hedonic happiness: Positive Psychological

Quantify happiness: write down 10 things or people you are thankful for.

Solving societal issues with data and digital.

Schlegel – tech helps us solve problems. Sees huge shift in way we value.  Tech is not Deus ex machina.

Saxon: using own DNA to create music

Havens: GDP is about buy stuff.

AI ethics. GDP is not best method for judging AI.

Saxon: missing the using data for good movement

Havens: ways to make money do good… “privacy by design,” ” values by design” — right now a lot of the data is actually wrong.

Schlegel: opted in info is more valuable to advertisers

iEee party at driscoll

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