#SXSW Session Notes: Digital Health Health and Consumerization of Healthcare #sxswhealth #sxswmedtech

(These are rough unedited notes for those who wanted to get into this session but could not. Updating live..)

Q: Why isn’t the future here already? 

Mike Lee (Fitbit) talked about doing self diagnostics and then having remote physician diagnosis.

Glenn Tullman of Livongo (diabetes) and Ray Bradford (Spruce Health — an Acne diagnostic app)

Q: data and privacy question: 

Will you bring your business to more conditions?

Seeing a bunch of info I don’t know what to do with is not fun. (Giles) How smart are we expecting consumers to be? There are now whole businesses like Accolade focused on helping people navigate healthcare issues. How can consumers navigate the complexity?

Mike Lee: changing behavior is art not science. Your app shouldn’t make people feel bad. Put decision and thoughtfulness in hands of customer.

Glenn Tullman: smiley/frowney face feature.

Bradford: human care coordinator

Can’t get away with just be the technology any more.

Mike Lee: dashboards are useful for diagnostics. Talked about testing they are doing with opt-in coaching with 100% compliance and success rates.

Ray Bradford: doctor as coach. Talked about relationship between clarity on patients-side of next steps and doctor perception of compliance. If steps on device, patients can always see.

Tullman: thinks of healthcare as behaviorial and an information business. His thesis is self-responsibility because of sheer numbers. Individual must make behavior changes. 

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