#sxsw2014 live notes – #julianassange

The New Totalitarianism is surveillance: money and power in the hands of those who watch, who surveil. This really only began after 2009.

Based on asking what it is like to live in the Embassy, he answered in an interwoven way that tied back existing in a prison-like environment he exists in to finally saying he is in a bubble without police.

Why hasn’t anyone been fired post-Snowden? There has been no significant response. Inductive of the Deep State, power of military contractors and intelligence in U S A. People, journalists self-censor because they are scared.

How can individuals do something about it? Cannot hide, cannot be spared by being innocuous. Even Petraeous could not be spared.

Algorithms exist to track psychology behind our activities. Degrees of our friendships can be analyzed. We are all part of state whether we like it or not, including managing what laws and activities are acceptable. We are part of a new body politic, like on an island. We are constructing a new way of being, but not consciously.

Perception of power is all big organizations need. They don’t need to kill you, just to make you think they can to effect change on your behavior.

Wikileaks push back on appearance of fear. Continues publishing. His hope is this will giv us courage to stand up against awful great powers, you can do it.

Your info is in a permanent record. You have to think of how this info might be used against your future self.

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