@kjscotland talk #agileday

Does the system have potential for the future.
Heuristics is focus of talk

Point is to get organizations to learn.

Dave Snowden


cognitive-edge.com — rules is rules

Also Daniel Kahneman Thinking Fast and Slow

Roger Martin book: the knowledge funnel

Situations change so have to revisit the Algorithm.

The Black Swan logic.



Getting to shared understanding using ways to visualize work.

Definition of Done or Ready — are policies, makes constraints.

No constraints are chaos. People may have own set of policies, but no shared understanding. Want some constraints, but loose constraints.

Employee satisfaction if low you will not achieve potential because of high turn over.

Consciously explore the potential of a system. Amplify things we want to do more of. (retrospective).

Kanban as looking as limiting work in progress extended to the level of continuous improvement.


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