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RPMs > Horsepower.

An investor

Talked about prototyping shoes, trying out sneakers on real kids. When the focus shifted to process, Nike started paying attention and bought them.

Learning a specific thing about a specific element. Like shoes w no laces. Iterated way to something that works.

[this feels like a gold rush. Lean is the new gold]

Web has returned to basics of customer development. Define a problem and iterate and push it out. Keep trying. Through that you create something customers love.

We all are responsible to work on changing mindset over skill set.

To max RPMs, mind set > skill set

1) unicorns / *: don’t care about users, what they know will work. Some one with vision drives at that. (Steve Jobs? For later pondering). They don’t listen to users. What happens instead is iterate on bad products. (Ha! Mentions Steve Jobs as exception).

[btw all slides]

Feedback that isn’t actionable (“can we make it pop”). Then time bomb(” not gonnna work”)

When we look at portfolio companies that do well is about understanding. Questions aren’t why doesn’t it pop, it’s what were you trying to achieve. It is -why- what did you expect user to do. You don’t prescribe answers you try to draw out thinking.

Getting feedback from people actually using the product. What’s first, prioritize in an office, then go out and watch people use and get frustrated. Totally re-prioritized features.

Hopefully at your company the visionary unicorn isn’t what moves the crowd but attest orbs he has invested in, data moves the behavior at the company. What are we measuring at the company?

Are or dashboards something that causes us tobask questions about the fundamentals og your business. [aha re: my secret product!!]

Everyone in company has to understand the goal of the company, all must be on board with removing friction in the organization and moving it faster.

Proactively push out in the organization and celebrate great product, celebrate other company’s wins. Make it tangible.

“turn this way to go faster”.

This is what this VC sees when things are going well, what they look for in new companies. Demand it gets done, o

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