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Josh talking about requirements.

(this conference is incredible)

Internet Mouse

– dealing with a visionary unicorn who had them create an Internet mouse – the product guy framed as a requirement

Hypotheses are a more effective way to manage your work than requirements.

Eric Ries quote on products created in extreme uncertainty.

(Eric mentioned in every talk so far. He should be here.)

Business does thinking. Comes in and places order with product team. Problem is team has no visibility into business problem.

(This is #1 complaint I hear from the most senior creatives in advertising!!! We have briefs which hide the problem behind an order for a TV Ad).

How do you contain a creative?

If you are certain, need requirements. If output / outcome uncertain, you need hypotheses.

Validated learning is primary measure of progress. Not just working software (from Scrum).

Janice Fraser diagram of why every thing you out in market is a hypothesis.

(This is going to be big!………….No one clicked)

Less risk when you release more often.

An hypothesis is a proposed explanation of the way things work.

In order to be a hypothesis must be testable.

In case of Internet mouse: ” we believe people will pay for a Device to easily use Internet”

Slides will be posted, but has a list of process for hypothesis. (when I type less notes is because more words available in deck. Some folks all image.)

Find the riskiest hypothesis:

* To deal with people with requirements laid out in a story map mentioned @Jeffpatton ( go Jeff!). 😉

*Then identified risk spots on story map

All risks fell in one bucket: do customers value our offering enough to pay for it?

So from their developed hypothesis. One hypothesis about why people would pay (data!! In this case)

There are free widgets of similar function.

Tested against a persona (“Debbie”)

One-click install vs copy code. So in this case is a way to get people to install. Question should not be can people install it is there is enough value to install– so about the value.

Hypotheses are a way to reframe requirements. See his deck – I will post link when I get.

Question: story mapping – how to do non- collated teams – cardmapping.com.

“Jeff’s work is awesome, I encourage you to reach out to him via email. He’s going to love me for that.”

I am so lucky we were able to have Jeff come twice to my company.

“People want to work on stuff that is meaningful. When you see AgileUX starting to take hold, you see this efficient relationship. Teams feel surprised about the nonsensical requirements thrown over the fence at them.”

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