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Andres Glusman organizes Lean Startup Meetup; from Meetup, Vp strategy and community

Test a lot at meet up, down and dirty

Watch out for Malkovich Bias: that all people use technology way you do.

Way to cure? Show makers people using their products. Shifts from how I would use it to how s/he will use it.

Meet up uses gotomeeting – trying to eliminate friction between people who work on stuff and people using (testing) product

Quick rig for an iPhone test

Waste in experimentation

Tested 5 concepts for messages and approach to get people to create meet ups.

He hated the “Congratulations” and ” Don’t worry” tied for first. Adding graphics had very very little effect on outcome.

(cool “meet up” Warhol Campbell soup can teeshirt)

Structured an experiment on organizers with advisors from meetup. Took long time.

1. Give team direct access to customers. Remove friction.
2. Make it easy to test. Don’t worry about your test being perfect.
3. If test screws up, one right behind it.
4. Etc. Will be in posted deck,,,

It is such a dopamine lift to see test results, you will want to do more and more.

Steven Gary Blank : four Steps to the Epiphany: successful strategies for products that win

Handed out but no one read. Do not hand out a process. Do not follow the map in his deck. Just start doing it!!

What would you do if you knew you were going to fail? If you are going to run into a buzz saw? Hit it fast. Reason people don’t test is they are scared of failure. If you begin with assumption you are going to fail, you hit victory faster.

Q: Can you spend too much time testing not enough building? A: yes. Iterating on this process itself.

Comment : They have tested 600 or so participants. Have used meetup itself for Organizing project! Using tools for uses other than intended for.

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