2011 agile conference Game Incubator with Michael McCullough and Don McGreal of TastyCupcakes.com

[Went to “Agile Game Incubator” session workshop as I felt extremely tired (running a little fever).  This was a useful session that taught us how to create games to teach teams in a very engaging way.   The first step we went through was to identify a large issue, break it down into its parts, pick the three most important parts, then design a game to help teams understand how to work together better.  My team designed a game that challenged people to create a balloon person (balloon head, features drawn on, pipe cleaner body) within a few moments.  Another team, lead by a guy from UK, designed a quick game involving putting out numbers of fingers.  Another team designed a tower.  The interesting thing was in how the teams worked together to create the games.  So there was a completely meta level for the exercise.  I’d suggest to Michael and Don to actually surface this as part of the exercise, to stop people and have them report in about *how they worked together to create the game.*  I may do this myself in the future.]

First identify the problem then break down into contributing factors.

Aspects chart: who, when, timing, type of game ( physical, emotional, impressional)

Invention: inspiration / kiss / courage

Debrief ; questions and learning points

Allocate twice as long as game.

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