2011 agile 11 am session with Jean Tabaka

Simon Senge – start with “y” and golden circle
What – practices – how
* depends on the conrext-what’s the context- that depends

Lean principles
Optimize whole
Optimize whole
Increase flow
Amplify learning
Build quality in
Respect people
Last response moment decisions

Potential Hows-Tools available to figure out practices:
Twelve Agile Principles
Lean principles
Systems thinking: archetypes of reinforcing loops and balancing loops.
Big thing is to *see* the system.
Complexity Theory
Cynefn- David Snowden – Cognitive Edge
Useful to think about system within which bringing practices
Complicated, Chaotic, Complex, Simple

If in complicated domain, best is to seek out emergence, rather than best, practices.

Cognitive edge.com. Sometimes push into chaos to find out what’s happening

Design thinking: don’t separate design from implementation
Comes out of Stanford D-school
Empathize with customer and then define what they want, ideate, test, prototype and test again. “gift giving experience.”

Roger Martin: Mystery and hunches lead to innovation.

Senge says don’t start with what, or more often when.

Why must be a compelling vision. An audacious goal. A social mission. Big vision.

Need to have a True North

Why we are doing Agile in

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