Important Agency Evolution Decks to Read

Before I leave for the winds of the weekend (literally!), I wanted to post these decks as foundation for thinking about evolving the agency.

First up, in this deck, Matt Howell, the President of Modernista! and Board Member/ Boulder Digital Works, talks about the “T” shaped team, with knowledge across disciplines and core expertise. He also talks about using collaborative models to work that look pretty Agile to me.

In this deck, Made By Many proposes a Lean approach to product development:

Here, Made By Many’s William Owens takes on Peter Merholz’s blog post The Pernicious Effects of Advertising and Marketing Agencies Trying To Deliver User Experience Design for a speech given for the APA.  On his blog, Owens calls the deck “The Future of Advertising Isn’t Advertising:”

Next, Fast Company’s article on Hyper Island, in which Danielle Sacks takes a Master Class.

Reading a lot of this work is what started me thinking about how to integrate Agile methods into what and how we do.  The work still doesn’t solve the questions of the Big Idea, stories and leadership, but starts to provide rough sketch marks from which the drawing can evolve.

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