@Brenebrowne #sxsw2016

These are my raw notes.

If you were brave enough to love, you will be heartbroken.

We are emotional first, rational second.

The brain wants to protect you. And the brain loves story. We are hard wired to love beginning, middle, end.

Brain does not like ambiguity and uncertainty. 

We are conspiratorial all the time.
In The absence of data we will always make up a story.
Sfd – shitty first draft is first story will tell ourselves about something.
Dr. Pennebaker power of writing down in little spurts. Write ten to fifteen minutes about a trauma five days in a row.

When you deny your story, it owns you. When you own it, you can write the ending.

Failure is an Imperfect word. As soon as you see it, it isn’t a failure.

Vulnerability minus boundaries isn’t vulnerability.

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