#sxsw @walterbrouwer @erictopol @johnnosta Raw Live Notes Is Big Data the New Wonder Drug

Live notes

The Patient Will See You Now, book by Dr. Eric Topol.

Scale of data collection.

Apple’s HealthKit and rearchkit — in a day over 10k people enrolled in a day.

Main mission of consumer is another more educated conversation with doctor. And willing to pay for data interpretation.

Too much data? Topol says becomes hoarded data.

Data is a conglomerate of noise and signal, deBrouwer. By collecting data on ourselves, we increase our signal. 

Wisdom of body. Homeostasis. New way for individual to have control. Topol

DeBrouwer: data can heal. Digital homeostasis. Beyond the individual.

Mobile phone medical record is what we want. Has to be automatic.

Big data is a wasteland and bottleneck is.

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[Ironic to see McDonald logo behind them–and Miller Lite.]

Home runs?

Dr. Eric Topol: cutting across all medicine. Folks who can process huge swaths of data are working in other industries.

Big Data the next microscope/telescope

Behaviorial change: when people see data, it changes their behavior short term. 

DeBrouwer: everyone doing it helps with quitting smoking.

Clinicians not going away.

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