#sxsw2014 Bridge the Gap… Code & Creativity .@Ijabber and .@malbonnington #artcopycode

These are live notes (continuously updated until 10:30) and thoughts that I may or may not edit later. I also missed the first twenty minutes as I had some of my own real-time marketing to do for a not-for-profit. Well, as real-time as we usually get, which is normally late. Digression.

Decided to risk a seat at Edward Snowden session to attend this session as I am a Malbon brothers groupie, of sorts (no one should panic–just intellectually interested and love Made By Many’s slideshares.)

The session so far feels more about real-time marketing based on geo-location, so more a little bridge than anything else. Using CES data on search, interest patterns at that conference were mapped over time.

Ok, now away from location. Next they looked at Super Bowl data and mapped queries against game plays and looked at what content people were consuming. Of course obligatory Oreo example, and Arby’s. Great AdAge quote: “Go home Real-Time Marketing. You’re Drunk.”


What people want in real-time: Emotional reward. Immediacy & relevance. Snackability.

Innovation doesn’t need invention.
* Ben Malbon here talks about possibly even breaking things. Interesting and smart use of things. Like why not break a TV spot? (I could argue pistachios did?)

Search: Converse example of iterating between content and search. Snickers and misspelling.
YouTube: TruView and Burger King to contextualize content based on search.
* This one catches me because I feel it is similar to objects flying at you in a 3D movie. Funny once or twice, but finally not a natural part of the story and irritating again. I don’t want your ads right now. This is not what I am up to. I am watching a video about Korean babies playing guitar and advertisement is interrupting that. I am looking to have advertising work completely differently, not try to be part of my experience in a way that stops and interrupts in any way. Repeat: in any way. Advertising tries to shove itself down my throat.

70/20/10 and Motorola – hat game. Watch later.

Users and Magic slide. I am with Uther Pendragon from Merlin when it comes to magic. Magic may infer wonder and awe, but I far prefer Neil Degrassi Tyson’s “Question! Not ‘Believe'”

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