4 levels to connect: talk, power, intent, energy

Emotional queues for our too transactional conversations.

Brother observed we tweet at each other+people say hi to ea other in elevator

Practice new language, practice having and owning a point of view.

Widen lens; narrow lens. Contemplate the opposite. Switch from problem to solution.

Position, relationship, expertise, body, charisma

Body Power: how comfortable do I feel in my own skin? Physical does count.

Focus is on position power. About knowing social position.

Intent: thinking how you want you want to affect your audience. Create the affect you desire. Pick a simple verb.

Choose the social role you play.

Examine your internal blueprint of what it means to be a professional. If you don’t consciously figure out, we will do subconsciously anyway.

Energy: connecting with big energy, example of chakras and NLP and using this to connect to others.

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