2011 Agile Morning Session with Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson

Two kittens on screen – one hissing, one looking glum. 🙂

“What We Got Got Right; What We Got Wrong”

Manage value not cost (management gonna like dat?)

Need for solid technical practices – how this translate across to what we’re doing in advertising.

What (you) got wrong: Dogmatism
– beginners particularly
– competition between methods and demonizing other methodologies

“rituals are not that cool” – Chet

“Zero-sum” thinking

“There’s new lousy things being developed every day this week.”

Estimation and planning is focused on wrong end of stick; should be focused on value. Tends to become typical corporate command and control approach – not Agile.

Release planning becomes fixed scope thinking.
Features not solutions.

Like Jeff Patton, thinks make all stories same size and count them.

If software value does not outweigh many times over, then should get a better idea.

Multiple product owners leads to thrash.

Mentions Mary Poppendieck – a really good team is a creative unit – and splitting out product owner is risky. Makes them someone special. ( and so not as part of team)

Ron on no “I” in team: much of joy on team is self growth and recognizing this comes from circumstances of team.

“Iterations Themselves Are Suspect” – too many get it wrong therefore must be wrong (? – is this a logical conclusion?)

Change Is Hard
Too scary to try – too difficult to do.
– The Kanban –
Can be powerful because requires you to look at everything that is going on. A Lean value stream view like Kanban can let you see this.

[gummy bears? storyboards?]

All emergent, but best if substrates is good ideas, or may take longer for processes do really the good they are meant to do.

Simple isn’t easy: leaving out critical practices – license people to do what’s needed (just follow ceremonies and not really inspect and adapt) – Scrum Alliance – offering certification with no substance – deprecate necessity for skill and craftsmanship.

Chet: “Agile” sounds so good that companies wanna be that – and want to rewrite the Manifesto so it fits their circumstance. “We are Agile, and if we have to rewrite manifest,to to prove that, we will.”

Ron mentioned Ken’s comment about not letting. agile dissolve and Brian Marick’s follow on that eventually economy could be affected by 10 people.

Aha: pushed towards respecting people

Be careful of just staying at your safe spot. Life is pain and anyone telling you it’s not is trying to sell you something.

Ron feels lean, Kanban and retrospectives are *not* Agile.

(Retrospectives?! But those are inspect and adapt)

CERTIFICATIONS: don’t think makes you a master BUT at least gives training.

Think single piece flow industrial logic out of Kanban a good idea.

Question on documentation. Draw pictures every time. Stephen Mellor on park bench does not show why we did NOT do something. ( I had thought Steve proponent documentation – was I wrong?)

Do not get into fixed price contracts

Post Script: was able t figure out how to ask Ron for a book in the right way. 🙂

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