2011 Agile afternoon with Steve Denning

Lost my tappings because no undo; highlighted whole article in error, tapped a button by mistake and…. Poof. Feature Request @wordpress !


Main things to consider:
* delighting customers
** what if we lead to too much “yes” to client thinking that leads to delight
* met a credit union person – the shareholders are the customers; how do socialist structures work? What about unions?

Met a guy whose coworkers must spend three days in a room with Alistair Cockburn.

Also all this lean value focus begs the question – what is “value”?
One guy mentioned that his company focus is employee happiness.

Make sure to incentivize the thing you really want. Has doubts about Google’s social media incentive, and has covered this in detail on his blog.

Awesome what-if: what if your customer is the government?
Smooth response: government is people too

One observation: feels like a Super-Big-Picture guy… To be expected since ex-World Bank. Somehow gives me hope that he is espousing this with such a background.

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