Agile 2011 session 2 with Michael Spayd (and Lyssa?)

Leadership agility – Michael Spayd leading this session with Lyssa Adkins helping.

Budgets are coming up as a major issue for two coaching volunteers. Wondering if hearing each other influenced.

Book: Leadership Agility by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs.

Infants have not developed object permanence. Same with development.

Expert – idea that you “know” on this level – low on listening and learning
achiever – seeking more, explores, did not shoot from hip
Catalyst – highly participatory – visionary – listens to employees – open. Seeks out the innovators

2:49 – nice Lou gerstner quote -“culture isn’t one aspect of the game – it *is* the game.”

Alignment – where all elements of organization work in concert ( from Built to Last )

Interesting that people did not respond when asked to return from break 5 early – suspect because we have to work now!

Broke rules came back late : O

4:29. Organizational edges may take years to overcome (oh no! Not weeks?)

Pent up demand for change. Early adopters friendly in beginning; then get late adopter phase and this is more challenging. Hope in that this is the way we do things.

(am resisting temptation to ask the unsuspecting table mates “what’d I miss?”)

Change goes in stair steps. Need to know when to rest and when to push.

agile slides

Stuff they “can share” may not be there.

Will I be responsible for or a victim of the work world?

Missed a good chunk of this second half ( had to respond to work excuse). But great and helpful session!

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