Four Conclusions That Happened on the Way in to Work

Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856 -  1915), father of TaylorismOne – figured out I’d inadvertently tweeted a spam site when trying to make a point about taylorism and agile.  Some “@-ed” me causing me to draw the conclusion that I’d picked up a spam link.

Two – ran into a colleague who had changed jobs recently.  He had come to the conclusion that it was the people at his previous company and, since he likes his current team better, that he’s now a bit happier.  I said “Maybe it’s not the people but the work?”  and he then concluded that in fact it might indeed be the drawing of boxes (he’s an IA) just isn’t that interesting.  That it is this software-like version of the ad industry making him unhappy.

Three – saw a truck that says “” – which felt completely ironic under the circumstances of my concern, that I’d tweeted about Taylorism without methodically (and “scientifically”) examining the source of my info. I drew the conclusion that it was a sign (on a truck!)

Four – I went back to erase tweets that may be leading to a spam site and discovered, rather, that the site that I was driving to was actually not a spam site, but rather the tweet I’d reacted to was leading to a spam site. I concluded I better retweet my tweet.

Meanwhile, the source of all of this was really working on this deck for Execs.  You see, like the Taylor Creative Inc. truck (they do props, btw), it all connects.  I am thinking that command-and-control management has Taylorism for roots. You’ll see this when I finally get the nerve to post my draft.

Incidentally, another conclusion is that I’m thinking of posting drafts rather than the hard-boiled final.  This because of another “a-ha” that the whole thread above lead me to, which is based on the attitude to *make sure* – check your sources.  The “a-ha” was that we should check our sources fast because we will be peer-reviewed when we openly discourse on the web.  So fail fast, fail early!

Back to my colleague for a minute.  I suspect, but this will bear proving out, that the reason he is so unhappy is less about drawing boxes on a page and more about working under the influence of Taylor.

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