Scrum and Group Dynamics

Written by Jorgen Fors on the site, this article talks about some of the issues you might come up against when implementing Agile.

He basically suggests that the team passes through three phases, according to FIRO, a study done in the 50s. The phases are: Inclusion, Control and Affection where “Affection” is the highest phase.  To get to that phase, the leadership must go through three phases also.  These are Sure and Controlling at first, migrating to Analytic and independent and ending on Unselfish and Caring.

Not sure I 100% agree because I think it could be that there are team members that may suffer from, for instance, painful shyness and other personal insecurities that make them seem ill-suited for a small group dynamic that you have in Scrum. Have to think about it a bit more, but my instinct is that it could be that a shy person might change and grow confident with Scrum, depending on the team. But, also depending on the team, the shy person could become more withdrawn.  Something I’m continuing to consider and think over as I form Scrum teams.

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